Starfish and Periwinkles…2015 Repost

I found this 2015 post from our old page I thought some guests may enjoy seeing the previous view from our deck.
This weekend was eventful for working on the Nova Scotia Cottage. We had a professional come in and remove some trees to improve the waterview and all I can say is WOW 😀.  I started painting the 80s paneling with white stain and it’s going to look gorgeous when it’s complete in 2020.  Just kidding, it’s hard to get work done with two great explorers around especially when there’s trees being felled.

 We did take the time to go for another canoe ride and swim and this time the kids explored our water front. They found lots of alive periwinkles, two small crabs and one starfish was spotted beneath the waters edge.  It’s great to be at a cottage in Nova Scotia. #novascotiacottagelife