Renovations and Ramblings

Lets start with the fact that we have been renovating since Aug 2015, We had to clear many over grown trees, we have a the approvals for a dock to be installed and my husband has been building the floats this winter in the garage.  The kitchen was a complete redo and we purchased all new stainless steel appliances. We purchased new beds and added a murphy wall bed to our finished basement room.  We replaced three windows, one front door, one patio door in the basement and we install two new windows so we could enjoy the view from a few more angles.  A pacific energy wood stove replaced the old wood stove for cozy evenings by the fire.  The bathrooms got new flooring, vanities, and toilets. The whole cottage got new flooring and everything got painted.  Furniture will start to be moved this upcoming weekend.

Time for the Rant…I had to redo my website yesterday, long story but I lost all my original blog posts :o( which is frustrating but in the end its okay Im sure I will have lots more to write about and overtime I may rewrite some of those posts. The great thing is its winter and I have the time ‘fix’ things…

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